2K injection moulding with multi cavities for sharing

2K injection moulding with multi cavities for sharing

2K or ‘two-shot’ injection moulding consists of processing two different polymers (or two different colours of one polymer) into an end product by means of one injection moulding process. This technology enables several functions to be integrated into an injection moulded product. Also for the cheapest price, overmoulding process would be a good consideration. As 2k moulding is a mature technical in Shenzhen mould company, Elycos involved of 2K moulding or over moulding project years ago, most 2K moulding we export to our client. Some overmoulding projects, clients insist to stay in our company for mass production, as the competitive price and very well quality management system.

We use precision inspection machines such as a coordinate measuring machine, a two-dimensionmeasuring instrument, an altimeter, a colour aberration instrument, a standard lamp house, a projector, a microscope, etc. to guarantee the product quality. During production, our worker QC person checks products each time /half hour. Also, our working who’s operation injection machine also takes highly attention of products running, once issues happen, will be stopped immediately and inform technical guys solve problems. Once make sure everything all good then keep running production to finished. After QC has released all the parts we arrange for people who take care of

the packaging with bubble foam or plastic bag to make sure it is waterproof during shipping. We use strong cartons to pack the plastic parts which are later stacked on pallets before shipping.

We’d like to share out an old project, 2K moulding case with multi cavities for reference.

Part Name: GRL09
    Entry NameSP1468
    Part size25X13X17
    Mold Size492X492X399
    Insert material : 1.2343 HRC 52 – 54
    Part materialPC+ABS
    Cavity Number1+1+1+1+1+1
    Injection system 3 Nozzles and 3 Nozzles HRS Hot runner
    Cycle time25S
    Design time15workdays
    Manufacture time50workdays
    Manufacture dateJune 2013

If you are wondering to choose a company manufacture products for your, or confused don’t know which one is better for you, or project need quote or technical issues, welcome to contact us freely, we are willing to share our technicals a service for more clients. We treat our each clients as a valued client,treat each projects as our own baby.

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